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Welcome to St Margaret's College

Dr Charles Tustin

Congratulations on your selection for membership of St Margaret’s College in 2022.

Since it was established in 1911, St Margaret’s has developed an enviable reputation of excellence and a welcoming home away from home. St Margaret’s College is owned by St Margaret’s Residential College Council Incorporated, an incorporated society and registered charity. The College maintains formal affiliation with the University of Otago.

In keeping with the College’s motto of "altiora in votis" or "set your heart on higher things”, we endeavour to provide excellent facilities, a friendly, comfortable, and safe atmosphere and a caring and respectful community so that you can thrive in your studies, make wonderful friends and develop as an individual and a contributing member of society.

St Margaret's College is a home away from home where discrimination against students on the grounds of gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation is unacceptable; as is any form of bullying, either physically, electronically or verbally. Concern for others, care, and support are important to us. We expect all College Members to take responsibility for their own behaviour and co-operate with the guidelines so that the College will be a happy, inclusive, and supportive community for all.

Given our ethos and underlying values of courtesy, consideration for others and common sense (our three Cs), it is unsurprising that the College offers a pleasant and warm social environment where Members can excel in all respects.

I foster a caring atmosphere, encourage scholastic achievement and emphasise the importance of keeping a healthy balance. I am available to Members to discuss course and career choices, and assist with study skills. A key area of my concern is to provide and facilitate pastoral care for Members and where necessary I work with various support services offered by the University, for example Student Health. I also have good links with University departments and can assist in liaising with them if Members experience difficulties.

This Members’ Handbook provides important information about the College and I encourage you to read it thoroughly before you take up residence at the College. Please do not hesitate to contact the College should you have any queries.

We very much look forward to your contribution as a valuable Member of the College in 2022. You will be part of a wonderful community comprising first-year and many senior (returning) students, the latter acting as mentors for first-year Members.

Along with all the College Staff, I warmly welcome you to St Margaret’s College.

Yours sincerely

Dr Tustin's signature

Dr Charles Tustin


Education and Training Act Code of Practice.

St Margaret's College provides services consistent with the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice. For more information, please see