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Alcohol & Drugs

Use Alcohol Moderately

Alcohol is permitted for quiet entertainment in rooms provided Members are moderate in its use and considerate of others (remember the three Cs).

Please limit the number of people to four to avoid disturbing other Members (more than four is considered a party, which is not allowed).

Anyone under the age of 18 years is not permitted to carry, store or consume alcohol within the College community. Any Member found to be in breach of this condition will face disciplinary action. Any person supplying alcohol to any Member in this category will also face disciplinary action.

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Valentine Common Room, Games Room, TV Room, Library, Multi-purpose Room, tutorial rooms, Study Centre, Atrium, Norris Dining Hall, Music Room, Reception area, Courtyard, balconies, foyer, or any corridor.

Alcohol vessels should be concealed when bringing them into the College or moving them to another room in the College. Open alcohol vessels are not permitted in any corridors, balconies, or the foyer.

Drinking games and equipment (e.g. funnels) are not permitted.

Members returning from outside functions where alcoholic drinks are available must be considerate of others and observe the rules and customs of the College.


Visitors and guests are not permitted to bring alcohol into the College.

Intoxication itself is not seen as a matter for discipline, though it may be a matter for education or pastoral care. Should intoxication lead to unacceptable behaviour, that behaviour is a matter for discipline. The College does not regard intoxication as an excuse for breaches of any norms.

If alcohol is a factor leading a Member to disregard others’ rights, the College reserves the right to take appropriate action depending on the circumstances. Such action may include an alcohol ban for a specified period. If the Head of College is concerned about safety because of intoxication the Head of College may notify families.

For particular functions at the College, the Head of College may vary rules on alcohol.

Safe Drinking

For more info about safe drinking, see:


Drugs are Forbidden

The University operates a zero-tolerance policy on drugs as does the College. Our expectation is that you will not have any drugs apart from your prescribed medication or over the counter products. Should anyone be found using, in possession of drugs and/or associated utensils (e.g. bongs), or dealing illegal and/or prescription-only drugs, or suspected of the same, the College will normally require the Member to leave the College permanently. Where appropriate, the Police will normally be alerted.

At any given time, a substance can be classed as legal and yet it can have a serious effect on your mental and physical health, some of these are not yet known. The legality of substances is something that can change suddenly as a result of government passing laws. The fact that a substance has become illegal after you purchased it will not be accepted as an excuse by the law or the College. While we recognise that some readily available substances are classed as legal, we cannot condone the use of these substances due to the unknown health effects they have. Our expectation is that you will not have any drugs apart from normal medication. The only ‘legal substance’ allowed is alcohol and this is subject to College rules and current legislation. Any Member found in the possession of, under the influence of or using a legal high will face disciplinary action.

Drug Paraphernalia

As we do not condone the use of illegal drugs, or legal substances, and the presence of drug utensils and/or drug related paraphernalia within our community or grounds will not be tolerated. Anyone found to be in possession of, or using such items will face disciplinary action, which may involve being suspended or excluded (termination of residence) from the College. Suspension or termination of residence due to possession, use or distribution of drug utensils and/or drug related paraphernalia does not affect the Member’s ongoing liability for their remaining Accommodation Fees.