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Your Bedroom

Room Allocation

When accepting a place at the College, all Members sign a statement to accept the bedroom they are allocated. While not a normal procedure, the College reserves the right to change a Member’s room during the year.

Furniture & Fittings

The College encourages Members to look upon their bedroom as their home for the year. Each room is provided with the following minimum furnishings: bed and mattress, study desk and chair, desk light, bookshelf, wardrobe, and radiator. Some larger rooms will have extra furniture. The following linen is provided: under-blanket, sheets, two pillows and pillowcases, two blankets, and a bedspread. Additional blankets are available from the Housekeeping Manager on request.

As the College provides adequate furniture for all rooms, it does not allow Members to bring their own furnishings without the prior and express permission of the Head of College.

Housekeeping Details

Members make (or choose not to make!) their own beds and have the opportunity to change sheets and pillowslips each week at posted times. Sheets should be changed at least once a fortnight, preferably weekly. For hygiene reasons, beds are not to be slept on without sheets.

Those who wish to use their own sheets should notify the Housekeeping Manager at the start of the year.

Rooms are vacuumed once a week on days posted in the floor kitchen. This cleaning is not optional. While the Housekeeper may respond to a request not to come in on one week the room must be available for cleaning on the following week. To help the Housekeeping Staff, the College asks Members to leave their rooms during cleaning, to keep their belongings off the floor, and not to store things under beds unless drawers are fitted there. The window ledges are not available for storing empty bottles etc.

You are responsible for emptying your room rubbish bin into the large rubbish bin in your floor’s kitchen. Paper bags are available in your kitchen should you wish to use a bin liner in your room’s rubbish bin. The housekeepers will empty the large kitchen bins on a regular basis. Floor kitchens have recycling bins and all Members are encouraged to recycle as much as possible. These recycling bins can be emptied into the special recycling bins provided in the courtyard near the laundry (the yellow-lidded wheelie bins take paper and plastic while the smaller blue bins are for glass only). Large quantities of rubbish (e.g. boxes) are to be taken to the skip at the Clyde Street entrance.


While pets are not usually allowed, the College does have a very friendly cat named Athena who very much appreciates all the attention she gets by 224 young people!

If you have a service animal, please contact the College upon completing your Accommodation Application to discuss your requirements.

Posters and other Materials on Walls

Over the past few years, the College has upgraded rooms to a high standard. While Members are welcome to make rooms homely and “their own”, they are asked to be aware of the wall covering in their room when putting up posters etc.

Please do not use adhesive tape and pins on walls or varnished surfaces because of the damage they cause.

Pins may only be used on notice boards and carpeted walls. White-tack (other colours can stain over time) may be used on walls in rooms with vinyl wallpaper.

All material on room doors should have the approval of the floor College Leader. Tape and pins must not be used on room doors.

If Members are in doubt, please contact the floor College Leader or Administrator for clarification.

Extra Storage

If they are appropriately named, suitcases can be stored in the basement storeroom for the academic year.

At the end of the year returning Members may store up to two boxes of their own goods in the basement. These must be clearly named and able to be easily carried. As storage space is limited, we cannot store material for non-returning Members or any others.

The College reserves the right to take possession of and dispose of any belongings left behind by non-returning Members at the end of the year.

Responsibility of Members

The College expects Members to keep rooms tidy and to change sheets regularly. Members are responsible for all activities in their own room whether or not they are themselves present. Thus, they are responsible for the safety and care of all College property provided in rooms, including furniture, fixtures and fittings, and must make sure that the initial contents of their rooms are present in the same condition when they leave. Furniture should not be moved elsewhere or taken from common areas. The College asks that the Administrator be notified immediately should any furniture get broken, or for any other inquiries about room fittings or furniture.