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Alcohol & Drugs

Use Alcohol Moderately

Alcohol is permitted for quiet entertainment in rooms provided Members are moderate in its use and considerate of others (remember the three Cs).

Please limit the number of people to four to avoid disturbing other Members (more than four is considered a party, which is not allowed).

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Valentine Common Room, Games Room, TV Room, Library, Multi-purpose Room, tutorial rooms, Study Centre, Atrium, Norris Dining Hall, Music Room, Reception area, Courtyard, balconies or any corridor.

Members returning from outside functions where alcoholic drinks are available must be considerate of others and observe the rules and customs of the College.

Intoxication itself is not seen as a matter for discipline, though it may be a matter for education or pastoral care. Should intoxication lead to unacceptable behaviour, that behaviour is a matter for discipline. The College does not regard intoxication as an excuse for breaches of any norms.

If alcohol is a factor leading a Member to disregard others’ rights, the College reserves the right to take appropriate action depending on the circumstances. Such action may include an alcohol ban for a specified period. If the Master is concerned about safety because of intoxication the Master may notify families.

For particular functions at the College, the Master may vary rules on alcohol.

Drugs are Forbidden

The University operates a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and so does the College. Should anyone be found using, in possession of, or dealing illegal and/or prescription-only drugs, or suspected of the same, the College will normally require the Member to leave the College permanently. Where appropriate, the Police will normally be alerted. The College also prohibits cannabis substitutes or other “legal highs” and will treat possession or use of these in a serious manner.