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The intercom is to be used only for official College messages. It may be used between 8:00 am and 10:30 pm. No message should be repeated more than twice in five minutes.


Incoming mail is placed in pigeonholes in the Mail Room by College Staff. Members are asked to check their pigeonholes regularly. Your key tag will allow you access in to the Mail Room.

Mail should be addressed to

Your Name
C/- St Margaret's College
North Dunedin
Dunedin 9016

Stamped and addressed outgoing mail may be placed in the letter box at the main door. Staff will empty the box daily during the week and take it to the University’s Mail Room for mailing. This is a courtesy box only and Staff assume no responsibility for mail placed in it.

Tampering with mail and parcels is a serious offence.


Incoming parcels are held in the Mail Room, and recipient’s names are listed on the display monitors in the Administrator’s Office and kitchen servery. Please ensure you check for your name regularly and uplift your parcels in a timely way.

Notices in the Norris Dining Hall

The Master, or in their absence the Dean of Students or a College Leader, gives Members an opportunity to announce notices during dinner just before grace is said at 5.40 pm.

Notice Boards

The notice boards on the ground floor are only for the benefit of Staff and Members. Notices must conform to good taste. Any notice from an outside organisation must have approval from the Administrator or the Master. The College is a home and we do not sell advertising space to outside groups. Notice boards are also provided in floor kitchens.

Notices are not to be placed on walls, doors, or windows as they damage the paint or look unsightly.


Facebook is used extensively to communicate with Members.

Emails, texts and phone calls

For official and/or personal matters, the College will normally communicate with Members via email, texts and/or phone calls. In particular, Members are reminded to check their emails regularly.