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College Staff

The Head of College and is responsible for maintaining the excellence of St Margaret's College. They oversee the management and staff of the College and promote its good relationship with the University and the wider community. Working with the Deputy Heads of College, they ensure that the physical, academic, and social environment of St Margaret's College is maintained to its usual high standards.

The two Deputy Heads of College support the Head of College in providing leadership to staff and Members. They provide pastoral care for Members and liaise with University academic departments and support services (e.g. Student Health) when necessary. They also support the Members' Exec

The College Leaders assist in the leadership of the College by providing a welcoming, homely, caring, supportive and sought-after environment in which Members can thrive in all respects (academically, personally and socially). They are available for advice and help on personal and academic matters and arrange various floor/house activities from time to time. They are also responsible for monitoring standards of behaviour and taking appropriate measures to encourage compliance. There is one College Leader on each floor and house.

The Business & IT Manager oversees the College’s administration, finances, IT, and liaises with the University and banks. They prepare the annual accounts and are Secretary/Treasurer to the College Council. The Business & IT Manager provides IT support to Members, maintains the College’s networks, WiFi, printers and copiers, telephones, key and security systems, and various administrative processes.

The Conference Manager organises holiday conferences, events, meetings and functions throughout the year. The Conference Co-ordinator manages the College’s various guestrooms.

The Housekeeping Manager and Housekeeping Staff clean and service the common areas of the College, as well as Members’ rooms. They are responsible for supervising the issuing of linen, and the supply of extra bedding.

The Head Chef supervises the Food Services Staff, prepares the menus, and is responsible for maintaining the high standard of food and hygiene.

The Kitchen Staff cook and serve the meals to Members and guests, and cater for various events and functions held at the College.

The Building and Grounds Staff work on minor repairs and keep College buildings and grounds in good condition.

The Librarian takes of the College’s supply of fiction and non-fiction books.

The College Council sets and monitors the overall direction of the College and oversees its operation from a governance perspective. Council Members are drawn from the University of Otago and from the Dunedin community. Each Member offers expertise in a specific area. The Council appoints the Head of College to administer and manage the College, and the Head of College appoints other staff members to assist in this task.

College Fellows are appointed by the Council to provide expertise in a variety of areas and act as mentors to College Members. While College Fellows are not normally in residence at the College, they are an important part of the wider College community as they serve as good role models for College Members through their engagement and interaction with Members, participation in College events from time to time, and the example they set by virtue of their respective careers.

Lists of College Staff, the College Council, and College Fellows are available on the College website.

Open Door Policy

The College operates under an open-door policy, so if the door to an office is open then the occupant is available to be seen (please still knock and wait to be invited in). If an office door is closed then that person is unavailable, so it is best to avoid knocking and try again later.