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Summary of Main College Norms

As has been stated earlier in this Handbook, the ethos of St Margaret’s College is based on the following principles known as the three Cs:

  • Courtesy;
  • Consideration for others; and
  • Common sense

In practice, these three Cs translate into the following norms (expectations or standards of behaviour in a community) which all Members are expected to abide by:


These are our main norms and expectations. Any behaviour contrary to our three Cs are also frowned upon. If in doubt, Members should speak to their floor’s College Leader.


Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in common areas, including on the balconies, in corridors, foyer, and in the courtyard. Moderation of alcohol consumption is strongly encouraged.

Guests and visitors may not bring alcohol into the College.


No alcohol, no stereos, no mess, no crockery, cutlery, or food leaves the room.

Balls etc

Ball games etc should only be played on the tennis court.


Members should change sheets weekly. Members do not bring their own furniture or electrical appliances. Members must not tie up drapes or net curtains.

Bicycles & Scooters

No bicycles or scooters on verandas, or inside the buildings. Visitors may secure these to the bar at the top of the drive. Visitors may not park their bicycles or scooters overnight and may only park them while they are visiting people in the College.


The College grounds, driveways, and car park are tow-away areas. No car parks are available at the College for Members.

Common Facilities

The Library, Tutorial Rooms, Music Room, Study Centre, Multi-purpose Room and pianos are for College Members only. Members are not allowed to use any of the rooms listed above for group study purposes with non-St Margaret’s College Members as part of the group.

Common Room

Outside groups or College interest groups are not allowed meetings in the Common Room without the permission of the Head of College. Stereos are not permitted in the Common Room.

College Computers

Non-Members are not permitted to use College computers. Members must not give their password to others. Members must not add software to the hard disk. At regular intervals, the hard disk is cleared of all files. Games must not be played on the computers.


Members are responsible for damage to their rooms, their floor, or to the College and for damage caused by their guests. Charges are made for staff time and repair costs in the case of vandalism.


Possession and use of illegal drugs (including legal highs and unprescribed controlled medications) and/or drug paraphernalia is prohibited and a matter for the Police, and will result in exclusion from the College.

Electric blankets and heaters

These are not permitted in the College. Specified electrical appliances are not allowed

Fire and Safety

Misuse of safety equipment is a serious offence. Candles and incense are not allowed. Security and fire doors and signage must not be interfered with. Cookers are not allowed in rooms.

Firearms and fireworks

These are not permitted in the College buildings or grounds


Members are responsible for their guests. Visitors enter and leave by the main door. Members may not receive after-hours visitors. Overnight guests are permitted. A limit of two nights is usually imposed for guests. Requests for overnight guests must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to their arrival. Guests are not permitted on certain specified nights or weekends.

Holiday Arrangements

During the holiday periods all visitors must leave the College by 11.00 pm every evening. Members must leave 24 hours after the last exam in second semester.


College Leaders must be informed.


The intercom may be used between 8:00 am and 10:30 pm. It is only used for notification for College-related announcements.

Key Fobs

A $20.00 charge is levied to replace lost or unreturned key fobs. The College retains ownership of all key fobs. Misplaced or lost key fobs must be reported as soon as possible.


Members must keep these clean. Music may be played but at no time should noise be heard in the surrounding areas.


Only Members and registered guests are allowed to use the laundry. Room radiators are not to be used to dry dripping clothes. Clothes are not to be hung from the sprinkler pipes in rooms.


This is a quiet room. Food is not allowed but water bottles are. Cell phones must be on silent. Personal possessions are to be removed when Members leave for longer than 30 minutes; possessions left for longer than 30 minutes will be removed and a warning issued by a College Leader. Members must not take up too much space.


Members do not open the mailbag. This is restricted to staff and College Leaders only.


Late meals are only provided for classes or labs and sporting or cultural commitments. Food is not to be taken from the Norris Dining Hall (except one piece of fruit). Guests must be signed in for meals before the meal. Casual visitors are not allowed in the Norris Dining Hall. Members must not leave before grace at the evening meal. Members must not return dishes before grace. Members must follow the appropriate dress codes for relevant meals. Members must not take crockery and cutlery from the Norris Dining Hall. Second servings are available when the sign is displayed or after grace on Sunday.


Members must attend meetings called by the Head of College, Dean of Students, or College Leaders.


Should not be heard outside the room during quiet hours. No warning need be given for noise fines during quiet hours and stereos may be confiscated. Members should be considerate of others outside quiet hours. Amplification is not to be used on musical equipment at any time.


Parties are not allowed. More than four in a bedroom is a party.


There are no animals or rodents to be kept as pets.


The Music Room and Norris Dining Hall pianos cannot be used during quiet hours. The Common Room piano must not be used after 11:00 pm. Use of the College pianos is restricted to College Members.

Quiet Hours

From 7:00 pm until 8:00 am Sunday to Thursday and from midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Quiet hours include buildings and grounds.


No one is allowed on any roof, even the various flat roofs


Skateboards, roller blades, and scooters may not be used in the College buildings or grounds.


Smoking of any sort (including but not limited to cigarettes and e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and vapourisers) is forbidden anywhere within the College buildings and grounds.

Study Centre

The Study Centre is not an alternative party room and may not be used for social gatherings etc. except for organised floor or Exec events. All non-study related use must be approved by the Head of College, Dean of Students, or College Leaders.


These may not be moved without approval from a College Leader. The sound should not be heard outside the room. They are not to be used for video games/gaming consoles.


If no one takes responsibility for damage a vandalism fine will be levied in addition to normal costs. This will be charged to bonds.


These are usually quiet words asking Members to be considerate or quiet.