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College Trophies & Prizes

All-round Contribution to the College Community, donated by former Deputy Head of College Bruce Cowan.

Alumni Cup for Academic Achievement, donated by the Alumnae of 1952-55 for returning residents.

Animal Welfare Trophy, donated by Rachel Cardoza (College Council member) and Antony Arlidge (College Fellow and staff member).

Barbara Duncan Trophy for special service.

Burton Trophy for Excellence, donated by Jan (former Deputy Head of College) and Jeremy Burton, both former College Members.

Christopher Clarke Trophy for Debating and Public Speaking, donated by Christopher Clarke, a College alumnus and former Staff Member.

Citizen of the Year.

Community Relations Trophy donated by the Graduates Association.

Collegiality Trophy for the person who has contributed to and promoted the College through shared responsibility. Donated by Ian and Judy Tucker.

Collyns Hutton Truman Award for ‘The Vibe’, recognising an individual who exudes a positive vibe toward the College and its Members. Donated by former Welfare Staff Members Olivia Collyns, Liam Hutton and Ben Truman.

Community Cup donated by Professor Colin Campbell-Hunt, a College Fellow, in gratitude for the year he spent living in the College.

Community Relations Trophy, donated by the Graduates Association.

Cultural Cup donated by Robert Lewis, a former Dental Senior Lecturer.

Duncan Disce Pati Award for Resilience, donated by Sylvia Duncan (2015 Members' Association President) and Laurie Duncan (2019-2020 College Leader).

E. Luke Luk Trophy for Hard Academic Work, donated by E. Luke Luk, a former Student President.

Evans-Ridley Award for Music, donated by two former Welfare Staff Members, Haley Evans, and Rachel Ridley.

Evelyn and Pat Norris Memorial Mentoring Trophy, donated by Keith Norris.

Floor Contribution Trophy.

Haydon-Sahng Cup for House Contribution.

Initiative Cup.

Isabelle Burton Trophy for First Year Contribution.

Isabelle Burton Trophy for Style and Fashion.

John Hughes Cup for Academic Effort, donated by Professor John Hughes, a College Fellow.

John Hughes Cup for Outstanding Academic Effort, donated by Professor John Hughes, a College Fellow.

Leadership in the College Community.

Leadership Trophy, donated by Mr H. Robert Wilson, a former President of the College Council and Life Fellow.

Likhit Dukkipati Award for Returner of the Year, donated by Likhit Dukkipati, a Member and College Leader from 2016 to 2018.

Manaakitanga Cup, donated by Alexandra McLellan, Libby Christophers and Niamh O'Donnell (College Leaders 2019 - 2021).

Matthews McKay Award for Public Service, donated by Veronica Matthews and Liam McKay.

Marian Simms Cups for Citizen Responsibility. Two trophies donated by Professor Marian Simms, a Fellow of the College.

Marian Simms Cup for Women in Leadership, donated by Professor Marian Simms, a Fellow of the College.

Maxwell Burton Mentoring Trophy, donated by Maxwell Burton.

Neville Emslie Trophy for Humanities, donated by Neville Emslie, a College Fellow.

Paul Van Wijngaarden Memorial trophy for All-round Excellence, donated by former College Head of College Dr Peter Norris in memory of Dr Van Wijngaarden, a former Welfare Staff Member.

The Persistence Award, donated by Grace Shaw, a College Member 2020 - 2022.

Personal Growth Award, donated by Stephen (a former College Council member) and Sue MacDonell.

Peter Leggat Trophy for Excellence in Sporting and Academic Achievements, donated by Professor Peter Leggat, a College Fellow.

Play Group Pacifier Cup.

Ray Leach Memorial Southern Gentleman Trophy, donated by Jan and Jeremy Burton.

Reilly Award for Maori/Pacific Island Achievement, donated by Professor Michael Reilly, a College Fellow.

Reynolds Communication Cup and Prize, donated by Professor John Reynolds for the best essay/speech in communicating science (“science” is interpreted broadly).

Robert Wilson Squash Cup, donated by H. Robert Wilson, former President of the College Council.

Rosslyn Gallery Cup for Artistic Excellence, donated by the Rosslyn Gallery.

Sallis Cup for Outstanding Contribution to Student Welfare, donated by Professor Philip Sallis, a former Member of the College Council and College Fellow.

Service to the College Community (two trophies).

Spirit of Southgate, donated by Roxanne Shahtahmasebi.

Sportsman of the Year

Sportswoman of the Year

Sundaresan Community Contribution and Academic Excellence Trophy, donated by Daniel Sundaresan, former College Member and Tutorial Manager

The Tustin Trophy, donated by former College Master Dr Charles Tustin and Brenda Tustin.

Vincent George Trophy for Outstanding Service, donated by Vincent George.

The Yeah Trophy.