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Returning Members

Each year, the College selects up to one third of its Members to return to the College in the following year. These Members are commonly known as Returners and include 11 College Leaders.

Members don’t return only because they enjoy living at the College but, also, they like giving back to the community, mentoring the first years and participating in College events and activities.

The College’s many Returners make the College quite unique and special compared with other colleges which comprise mainly first-year students.

Returner Selection Criteria

As returning to the College is a privilege and not a right, the College runs an application and selection process at the start of the second semester.

The following are the three main criteria which are used to select Returners:

  1. Application to your academic studies (your grades from the first semester will provide some of this information as will class/tutorial/lab attendance records);
  2. Application of the three Cs (i.e. courtesy, consideration of others and common sense) at the College; and
  3. Involvement in College activities.

Expectations of Returners

If a Returner application is successful and a Member accepts the College’s offer of a place for the following year, they will be expected to:

  • Return to the College on opening day.
  • Participate in all the relevant St Margaret’s orientation activities during O Week (except those who have classes during O Week, e.g. Med students).
  • Take part in all relevant College activities during the year. Returning Members may NOT opt out of being involved in College life.
  • Respect College Leaders and accept the authority that the College vests in them.
  • Act as role models for first year Members.
  • Take part in the mentoring programme.
  • Abide by College values, norms and rules.

In summary, Returners are expected to participate fully in the life of the College.

Room Choices

After the selected Returners have accepted their Membership offers, they will have an opportunity to choose up to 16 rooms on an online form. Prior to this, to assist Returners make their 16 room choices the College will have a “room shopping” night when Members open their rooms for Returners to view. Note that there are no ‘First-year’ or ‘Returner’ rooms.

While the Head of College makes every effort to allocate rooms based on Returners’ choices, the College does not guarantee any particular room. The Head of College’s decision is final and Returners, when signing their accommodation contract, agree to accept their allocated room without argument. Room allocations will be made known on arrival at the College as they can only be finalised just prior to opening day.

Luggage Storage

The College provides storage facilities in the basement for Returners’ personal possessions over the summer period (two suitcases or large boxes). Returners may not store non-returners’ possessions on their behalf.