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Visitors, Guests, and Absence

In an ordinary home, certain conventions are observed, such as introducing guests to other members of the household, keeping noise down in consideration for others, and letting parents or caregivers know when you are going to be away for a night or more. The College expects Members to observe similar conventions. These are listed below:

Casual Visitors

Visitors are welcome from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm Sunday to Wednesday and until midnight Thursday to Saturday, but after these times they must leave the building and grounds.

While visitors are in St Margaret's, the host Member is responsible for their behaviour including any damage or loss caused by visitors in the buildings or grounds. Visitors are expected to respect College customs. Visitors may not bring alcohol into the College. All visitors at any time must enter and leave by the main front door. When visitors leave, they should leave the grounds, not just the building, as their noise can disturb Members.

Being social spaces, visitors are welcome in the Valentine Common Room, the Games Room, the Television Room and the Atrium provided they are accompanied by a Member at all times. Should visitors disrespect College customs, become unruly, or interfere with normal College activities, the College Leaders will request them to leave and the Member(s) concerned will be asked to meet with the Head of College.

To avoid misunderstanding, please ask evening visitors to register with the College Leader on duty. Over time, the College Leaders will recognise Members' visitors and help welcome them to the College. Members of College not wanting to see particular visitors should advise the duty College Leaders. If you are being harassed by anyone please see the Head of College.

Formal Overnight Guests

Requests for overnight guests must be submitted via the form on Raftr at least 24-hours prior to their arrival (or before 12 noon on Friday for Saturday or Sunday visitors). Members are permitted to have out of town guests stay in their room for a maximum of two nights. There is a $35 daily charge that covers overnight stays (includes meals and optionally a mattress).

Exceptions to the 24-hour notice rule may be made in the case of emergency when a Member has genuinely been unable to give earlier notice. Permission for this exception can only be given by the Head of College or Dean of Students.

Please note that the College is not a hostel for itinerant people and is primarily for Members.

Partner Pass

The College offers a partner pass that allows for a significant other to stay at the College for up to three nights over any seven-day period. To arrange a partner pass, a Member (and their partner) must schedule a meeting with the Dean of Students to discuss the contract associated with this offering. If approved, a one-off charge of $50 will apply.

The ‘no guest times’ on the College calendar also apply to those on partner passes, and like all other guests at the College, partners must:

  1. Enter and exit the College through the front entrance (not the Clyde back door);
  2. Vacate the building if asked to do by a College Leader or staff member (for example, in the case of an emergency or if misbehaving); and
  3. Should be accompanied at all times by their host when at the College.

Meals are not included in the partner pass and are an additional charge as per the College’s normal guest meal prices (see guests at meals).

Visiting Academics and Other Guests

A number of visiting academics and other guests also stay in the College guestrooms from time to time. Members are asked to welcome these guests and converse with them.

Preference is given to long-term guests for the guest rooms (which include their own bathrooms), but sometimes there are vacancies and parents and friends of Members may rent the rooms. Contact the Conference Manager in this regard.

Restrictions on Visitors

Visitors are not allowed during “closed College” functions, and may be restricted or banned at other times. Overnight visitors are normally restricted on the nights of the College's Formal Dinners, orientation period, the College Ball (except for out-of-town partners), Valedictory Dinner, and during semester examination times.

No visitors may be in the Norris Dining Hall unless they are complete a guest meal ticket (including overnight guests). Please ensure this is done immediately upon entering the Norris Dining Hall.

Casual visitors are normally not allowed to use the following College facilities without the Head of College's permission: College computers, Multi-purpose Room (opposite the Library), Tutorial Rooms, Music Room, Study Centre or Library.

Visitors are not allowed on Main Wing balconies.

Groups in the College

Although the College encourages Members to participate in student activities, the only groups that meet by right within the College are those associated with approved activities (for example tutorials, mentor groups, Red Frogs, etc).


If there are problems with visitors they will be asked to leave the College. The College also reserves the right to ban particular visitors from entering the College grounds.

Short-term absence

Members are asked to complete a short-term absence form if they are to be away from the College for a short period of time (e.g. going away for the weekend). This information is useful if you fail to return to the College or if we need to contact you in case of a family or other emergency.

Please don't complete the above form if you are going away for mid-semester/mid-year holidays. A seperate form will be used and the link distributed via Rafr prior to each holiday.