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Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are set to facilitate an appropriate atmosphere for study. Members are asked to be considerate of others and to curtail noise during these periods. Quiet hours are extended during examination preparation time.

We endeavour to maintain standards of quiet but normal domestic noise is always present. Stairways, creaking floorboards, phones, kitchens, and bathrooms all generate noise and no room escapes. While we can act on quiet hour complaints, Members must also remember that living with a large number of people is never as quiet as living alone in a house. While we do what we can, the College is a community of 224 young people and will never be totally quiet.


Sunday to Thursday

7:00 pm - 8:00 am (with a break from 9:00 pm - 9:30 pm)

Friday & Saturday

Midnight - 8:00 am


The following guidelines may help regarding noise:

  • Music, alarms and voices should not be heard outside a Member's bedroom.
  • Educate your visitors to enter and leave the College quietly. Members are responsible for noise made by their visitors.
  • Do not play musical instruments during quiet hours.
  • Avoid talking in the corridor. Please talk in rooms with doors closed.

If the noise in a Member's room or floor kitchen can be heard in the corridor or in other rooms, quiet hours are violated.

Because sound carries easily within the building please be considerate if practising with instruments in your room outside quiet hours. If the noise is unacceptable (as with most steel string guitars), approval is often given for Members to use the Study Centre during the day for music practice.

Remember the three Cs: courtesy, consideration for others, and common sense.

Amplifiers and Drums

Without the Head of College's permission, students cannot use drums or amplifiers on musical equipment inside or outside of quiet hours anywhere on the premises. Sound carries easily in the corridors, so Members should either leave such things as electric guitars or drums at home or find other venues.


During quiet hours, music should not be heard outside the Member's room.

Outside of quiet hours, Members are encouraged to develop standards of consideration for others on their own floors, particularly concerning the level of noise considered acceptable out of quiet hours.

At all times, it is unacceptable to have music blaring with the room door open. It is also unacceptable to have music playing out the window or anywhere else in the College other than a Member's bedroom (including floor kitchens).

Noise in the Corridors

Members trying to study and sleep often find that it is groups congregating in the corridor who cause the main problem. Please be considerate of others in the vicinity or on surrounding floors.